1-6 times the torque rating of Din and Ansi Standards

AAEX5E5E Size 5-5mm Price $12.83

AAEX0606 Size 6mm Price $12.83

AAEX0707 Size 7mm Price $12.83

AAEX0808 Size 8mm Price $12.83

AAEX0909 Size 9mm Price $12.83

AAEX1010 Size 10mm Price $12.83

AAEX1111 Size 11mm Price $12.83

AAEX1212 Size 12mm Price $15.40

AAEX1313 Size 13mm Price $15.40

AAEX1414 Size 14mm Price $15.40

AAEX1515 Size 15mm Price $15.40

AAEX1616 Size 16mm Price $17.96

AAEX1717 Size 17mm Price $19.25

AAEX1818 Size 18mm Price $20.53

AAEX1919 Size 19mm Price $23.09

AAEX2020 Size 20mm Price $25.66

AAEX2121 Size 21mm Price $28.23

AAEX2222 Size 22mm Price $28.23

AAEX2323 Size 23mm Price $28.23

AAEX2424 Size 24mm Price $30.79

AAEX2525 Size 25mm Price $33.36

AAEX2626 Size 26mm Price $33.36

AAEX2727 Size 27mm Price $35.93

AAEX2828 Size 28mm Price $35.93

AAEX2929 Size 29mm Price $38.49

AAEX3030 Size 30mm Price $41.06

AAEX3232 Size 32mm Price $43.62